"YTT with Felicia has been an experience beyond my expectations. Not only did I get to practise asanas with the precise techniques, learn to teach with professional etiquette, understand more about human anatomy and the history as well as philosophy behind yoga practice, I also benefited from the support and mentorship that Felicia shared throughout the course. Besides the knowledge attained through the coursework, the communion amongst the teacher and the peers is something to be treasured and carried forward down the yogic path."

Clement Lee


Jan Kong

"I first met Felicia during a yoga class at her studio. Not only she impressed me with her deep yoga knowledge, she was a very intuitive teacher. Felicia’s depth of knowledge and expertise shine through even more during our training together. She guides you through new ways to experience the same asanas on the mat but now on the wheel. She emphasizes proper positioning and works within your body’s capabilities. Her feedback is always detailed, perceptive and encouraging, inspiring you by example to become a better teacher for yourself and your students. Thus I strongly recommend Felicia, whether is it her yoga teacher training programme or her yoga classes. You won’t find a better, more enthusiastic teacher. Namaste.

Fiona Seow


Joanne Ip

"I recently completed both my 15hr Yoga Anatomy and 15hr Yoga Wheel Teacher training certificates at Yoga Dimensions HK and can not recommend Felicia enough. She is AMAZING! Her anatomical and technical movement knowledge is incredible and her ability to break down this information and deliver it in a clear, manageable yet fun way is brilliant. Her love and passion for the subject was evident throughout both trainings; I have learnt so much from her during this time and wouldn't hesitate to take further courses with her. And on top of this, she is a super lovely lady! Thank you so much for all the knowledge, inspiration and fun!" 

Eleanor Wetzel


Glody Tang

"Felicia's YTT is way more than techniques, yet her teaching brought me to explore my true self. I was so blessed to have all my lovely classmates and teachers guide me to teach, learn and believe in yoga. Yoga is my life-long learning. The knowledge in this YTT , I can say I can use it in my whole life.

Ally Lee

"The program not just teaching about yoga knowledge but also teach us how to become a caring loving person to teach. Makes us found out our true purpose of teaching yoga which positively helps us to sustain our teaching path. When I began this training, I was in the bottom rock of my life. Felicia and MiMi surprised me by their authentic personality and surely their wisdom. It was even way more wonderful then I expected.

Mellissa Lam

""I liked that the training not only focused on the bodily aspects, but also emphasise the importance of self realisation and spiritual development. With a small class size, lead trainer Felicia was able to guide us individually base on our varying capabilities and qualities. I am very grateful to be with them at the beginning of this endless journey into Yoga!"

Sunny Li


Mei Tsang

Ayurvedic 奇妙之處是自然的療癒,不用吃藥,也沒有副作用,這粒藥其實就是自己願意作出改變。能夠了解自己的狀況,從飲食、日常生活習慣、瑜珈練習等配合自然元素,作出適當的調整,比起盲目跟隨坊間的各種方法更有效用,我一直以為自己的飲食習慣十分健康,低醣飲食、多菜少少少肉、每天吃不同水果等等…..但是原來這些都不是最能讓我身體自然平衡的,從我每天早上簡單的一杯檸檬薑鹽水開始,我手腳冰冷的狀況及消化系統也有改善,感恩我能為自己作出更多的改變Every change is a good change."


學習了瑜伽數年,聽過阿育吠陀Ayurveda無數次卻沒有很多機會接觸是甚麽的一回事。只是隱約從網絡上看過大概的資訊,知道是跟印度、香料等食材有關;但我一向對印度食品沒有太大好感,所以我就沒有深入了解。隨著練習時間久了,和緣份的驅使下;接觸佛學和自然療法,從而得知Ayurveda跟醫學、佛學有點關聯,令我產生了一點興趣。又剛好那陣子follow了Felicia的ig account,發現她有一個Ayurveda Private Consultation就毫不猶疑跟她聯繫了。Ayurveda並沒有像我當初想像的一定跟香料有關,相反,它是一套學說去讓我們更了解自己的身體和跟身體溝通。整個過程,Felicia很用心地先了解我的情況,然後很貼地的用生活化的方式去教我把Ayurveda融入到自己的生活;例如呼吸法、飲食模式、運動的選項等等。我們雖然只是定期見面,但她常常會message我;關心我的狀況,也會了解我有沒有任何不適應的情況。我很感恩能夠透過這次的Private Consultation 認識了Ayurveda,也跟Felicia有一個很深入的了解和交流;很感恩Felicia無私的分享和照顧,令我在整個過程除了更了解的自己身體需要外,也重新認識自己,與自己好好交流。


"The course is very structural and well designed. It equips the students with deeper understanding on the mindset and the ways of living of being a yogi. The knowledge of anatomy helps both personal practice and teaching."

Jeffrey Chow