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Welcome to the Ayurveda & Yoga journey

Ayurveda Consultation

An Ayurvedic consultation is for those who wants to create change that support their health, wellness, happiness and abundance. In this Ayurvedic consultation, what will we be working together?

  • get to know your current lifestyle, such as diet, work and rest schedule, stress level, sports or activities, medical background, and other related topics

  • discover your unique constitution (body-mind type)

  • current imbalances and how these tendencies affecting your current health

  • health status you want to create for a happy and balanced life

  • going deeper into the emotional and mental level to connect with the underlying causes of the imbalances so that the change can be sustaniable

Ayurveda's success relies on consistency. This is best achieved with weekly or bi-weekly appointments, meet 5 times in total. We can meet either by zoom meeting, or in-person. Each meeting is 60 minutes.


Investment: $5,000 for the whole program

*If you need a split payment plan, please email me."


There is no better than NOW. You are the owner of your health.

Reach out to me for a brand new health plan.

Yoga at Home
Yoga on Deck
Yoga Child's Pose

Private Sessions

Looking for a solution for your health and wellness? Schedule a one-on-one private yoga session with the Felicia to deepen and expand your practice. Private sessions focus on the individual needs and goals of the student. These private sessions are designed to empower the student with self knowledge, allowing them to create a safe practice and focused attention to your special needs.

60-min $900

90-min $1300

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