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Ayurveda Yoga

 Ayurveda is a science of living harmony with the nature. Our body and the state of mind change occluding to the seasonal change, stress level and lifestyle activities. 
Ayurveda Yoga is a well-rounded yoga practice designed to provide balance for any dosha (constitutions). A holistic approach of yoga practice bring forth a sattvic state- the state of pure essence, lightness, clarity and stability.
Join this class and explore the wisdom of life through yoga practice. and make sure to add any relevant information that you want to share with your visitors

Every Thursday


Sheung Wan

Booking: Wtsapp 9220 2415

Yoga at Home

De-stress Yoga

Do you feel guilty taking a break? Do you feel difficult to relax? Just thinking about taking time for relaxation and rest makes you feel guilty because you think you should be doing something more productive. Is it possible to rest without guilt?  


In this 90-mim practice, we listen to the body, reconnect the relationship with our body and mind. Through movement, breath-work, sound and meditation, we accept and honour the body as it it and gradually move into deep relaxation. 


1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 Aug (Sun)


$1,250 (all 5 sessions)

$300 Single 

Booking: Wtsapp 9220 2415

No yoga experience is required. 

Suitable for stress management. 

Yoga at Home
Yoga on Deck
Yoga Child's Pose

Private Sessions

Looking for a solution for your health and wellness? Schedule a one-on-one private yoga session with the Felicia to deepen and expand your practice. Private sessions focus on the individual needs and goals of the student. These private sessions are designed to empower the student with self knowledge, allowing them to create a safe practice and focused attention to your special needs.

60-min $900

90-min $1300