Felicia discarded the chains of her 8-years former corporate life and made the shift to follow her calling as a Yoga Teacher. She loves to inspire her disciplines that all the pain and hardships are just the invitation to the heaven of love.  Here class is always full of challenges yet fun, so does life!

Aerial/ Hatha/

Meditation / Pre-natal & Post-natal Yoga/ Yin/ Wheel / Singing Bowl Therapy


Loretta has been fascinated with different types of workout from indoor to outdoor, which led her to facilitate various classes for groups of health enthusiasts. 

She is a well-rounded and passionate coach committed to sharing her knowledge as well as positivity and goodness in the world.

As a teacher, she aims to further improve one’s physicality and mentality holistically, believing that strength and mindfulness radiate from within.


Yoga for Core & Strength/



Alice was enlightened after her first yoga session in early 2000. Not only feeling refreshed and relaxed afterwards, to her surprise, her chronic knee pain was healed little by little with the regular practice. 

In 2014, she completed her first formal yoga teacher training at the Wise Living Yoga Academy Ashram in Thailand, and started to share her passion with her students since then. Alice teaches many groups of students from children, adults to seniors as she knows that everybody can benefit from the practice. She is passion to inspire people to improve wellness, bring balance, peace and happiness into their lives.

Aerial Yoga


Through adopting a regular practice of mindful meditation and yoga asanas since 2010, Mimi focuses on regulating the inner energies of our body based on the fundamental principles of the yin & yang concept found in Taoism. Learning to work with and not against the laws of nature is the key to maintaining a stress-free life, allowing us to create a healthy space for growth and self-transformation.


Yin/ Restorative/ Hatha


Graz has practised Yoga for over 10 years and brought the benefits to the public for more than 3 years!

Graz educates the public to keep both physically and emotionally positive to improve their health, with doing Yoga. Students are always her inspiration to design the sequence!


Hatha / Yoga Stretch/ Wheel 


Jennifa started practicing yoga 10 years ago and she has received benefits from yoga that changed her life. She completed her yoga training in Bali by Tanya Kaps. Jennifa combines different elements of yoga in her teaching.

Hatha / Vinyasa / Meditation


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