Aerial Stretch: Using hammock to open tight muscles and stiff joints, e.g., shoulders, back, hips, hamstring, etc. this is a beginner and all-level class if you are looking for a session to release body tension.


Aerial Strength & Balance: This aerial class aims to build up strength and muscles stability. Students will be challenged with poses engaging the core muscles, arm balances and standing balancing. 

Aerial Yin: A yin yoga practice using a low hammock. Consists of a series of passive poses to soften the deep connective tissues. Poses are moving gently, slowly and longer to connect with inner calmness and allow to reduce stress and increase openness. Appropriate for all levels of students.

Aerial Yoga

Yoga Dimensions Prenatal Yoga allows mothers to understand themselves well enough before understand the baby who is growing everyday.
Asanas to strengthen and empower mothers.
Relaxation and meditation to reduce anxiety and foster balanced emotions.
And so on!
Join us and explore what a mother-baby journey is !

Pre-natal Yoga

A flow with the use of Yoga Wheel for back care. Amazing tool for chest and shoulders openers.

Wheel Yoga

In this 1-hr class, students will be guided in different forms of breathing and meditation techniques and move gently in Yin asanas to release all body tensions gradually. This class is a deep cleanse for both physical and busy mind. Meditation is no more a difficult task!

Yin & Meditation

This class covers non-strenuous yoga movements designed to gently stretch skeletal muscles and deeply relax the nervous system. Suitable for beginners.

Yoga Stretch

Start from the basic foundation of asanas to increase body flexibility, strength and personal concentration under detailed alignment instructions.

Hatha Yoga

Restorative Yoga introduces breathing techniques, gentle movements, and meditation for pain management, fatigue, or sleeplessness. This class also includes myofascial release techniques which is highly recommended for people with injuries record or experiencing ongoing muscle pain.

Restorative Yoga

A slow-paced session that students will be moving gently and holding space to explore inner freedom and serenity. Finally resting under the healing sound of singing bowl. Appropriate for all levels of students.

Yin & Singing Bowl Relaxation

You want a toned body but don't feel like having enough time? Here is our training class get you the most bang for your buck! You will accomplish this through a series of core and muscles strengthening moves to push your body to a new fitness level!

Yoga for Core and Strength

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