Inner Journey Home

By Felicia, Yoga Dimensions
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Upcoming Events

  • 20-Hour Ayurveda Yoga Program Level 2
    Sat, 06 Aug
    20-Hour Ayurveda Yoga Program Level 2
    06 Aug, 3:00 pm HKT
    20-Hour Ayurveda Yoga Program Level 2
  • NNER JOURNEY HOME - 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
    11 Sept, 9:00 am
    Hong Kong
    Felicia's post graduate mentorship program is a unique opportunity for graduates of any 200-hr training to refine teaching skills through a set of inner-transformative tools. The only way to teach is BE a teacher and living the yogic life fully.


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About Felicia

Felicia discarded the chains of her 8-year former corporate life and made the shift to follow her calling as a Yoga Teacher. Felicia healed her wounds through her devotion to practicing yoga & Ayurveda.


With the transformation she experienced in her path, she is expanding her offerings from teaching yoga to healing and coaching seekers to find their authentic Self and follow their intuition to live a joyful life without fear.

Home is where we come from, home is where we feel loved unconditionally, home is not somewhere out there. Felicia created the "Inner Journey Home" program to inspire students to experience yoga through the heart - where all answers reside.